The Zelizy Devil Heads By Vaclav Levy

The Zelizy Devil Heads By Vaclav Levy

Hikers that walk along the forest paths above the village of Zelizy in the Czech Republic, are in for a bizarre sight along the way. In fact, you would hope that anyone that happens to be in the area is aware of what they might come across. Especially if they are of a nervous disposition.

For in a clearing in the woods are two enormous demonic faces carved from the native stone. Their empty eyes stare menacingly upon all that walk by.

These strange sculptures were created by Vaclav Levy in the mid 1800s. Known locally as Certovy Hlavy or the “The Devil Heads”, the nearly 30 foot tall stone structures have been a popular attraction since they were built over 150 years ago.

Levy was quite prolific by all accounts. Other carvings by the artist can be found nearby, including artificial caves and scenes inspired by fairy tales.

Zelizy Devil Heads 3

Zelizy Devil Heads 4

Zelizy Devil Heads

(Image Credits: Google+, Atlas Obscura)

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