The World’s First Sand Castle Hotels, Holland

The World’s First Sand Castle Hotels, Holland

Many of us would have enjoyed building sandcastles on the beach when we were children. We may have also watched in mild awe as those artists created some very fine sand sculptures on the promenades.

But did you ever think you could actually come across a sand structure large enough to actually sleep in? No, neither did I.

Well those free-thinking Dutch have stretched the principle of sand-castles to all new level and come up with the sand hotel. Two of them in fact.

The World’s First Sand Castle Hotels, Holland 6

These ‘Zand Hotels’ – the world’s first hotels constructed out of sand have opened in two Dutch towns – Oss and Sneek.

They have been built to commemorate the sand sculpture festivals that take place in the towns each year.

The two hotels are temporary in nature, (no surprise there) and have fully furnished one-room suites, with modern amenities, like electricity, running water, glass windows, king size beds, soft carpets, luxurious bathrooms and Wi-Fi.

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Event organizers Global PowWow, built the structures over a period of 4 weeks.

“It was quite a challenge,” said company owner Alec Messchaert, “Sand has a lot more restrictions than ice, so we had to be very creative in finding the perfect balance between creating a magical sand-room, but also a safe and comfortable environment for our guests.”

The suites have been priced at $168 a night, however by the time of writing each had already been sold out for the period of the festivals.

However, the organisers have announced that both will reopen next year, and following the great success of these two attractions, organizers plan to open more Zand Hotels in Germany and the UK.

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(Image Credits: Daily Mail, Flyertalk, Zand Hotels/Global PowWow)

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