The Plane Wreck In Heritage Park

The Plane Wreck In Heritage Park

The winding forest trails between Heritage Park and the Westminster Abbey, Canada are a popular route for day trippers and hikers. However, if you keep your eyes peeled and you know where to go, you will come across something completely out of place and altogether mysterious.

For wedged between two branches of a tree within the park, is the wreckage of a single seater plane. The crash site remains consist of what appears to be the cockpit roof, and the mangled remains of one wing. Many locals have never seen it, and unless you know exactly where to head, the chances are you will miss this on a walk through Heritage Park.

The Plane Wreck In Heritage Park 1

Though it has graffiti and signatures on the plane dating back to 1971, it is believed that for some unknown reason, the parts could have been moved there and placed between the branches on purpose. Thus making its origin, and what happened to the plane for it to end up like this, even harder to place.

(Image Credits: Flickr/BrockAnderson)

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