The Edisto Mystery Tree Off Highway 174

The Edisto Mystery Tree Off Highway 174

The Edisto Mystery Tree is a strange sight, although the mystery behind it is not really that riveting. More likely just a couple of locals having some fun, the tree has gained local infamy for being a festive hanger for zany decorations.

The tree stands not far from where Highway 174 intersects with Botany Bay Road in South Carolina.

The tree is only a few feet tall. However for generations its branches have been decorated throughout the year by unseen hands.

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During summer a passerby may well see the tree adorned with beach chairs, sand pails, flip flops and Independence Day decorations.

During the Christmas holidays, the tree is decorated accordingly.

While the tree is ever-changing, the real mystery is that nobody knows why the tradition started in the first place.

When at one time, some vandals uprooted the tree to end the spirit of decoration, and silent benefactor planted another tree in the same spot.

Whatever the reason for the tradition, it is a positive one at least. Let’s hope the decoration of the Edisto Mystery Tree continues for a long time to come.

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