The Bastnas Car Cemetery

The Bastnas Car Cemetery

While the owners of a car cemetery nestled in the woods close to the Swedish/Norwegian border are okay with photographers entering the site and snapping a few pictures, they do not take kindly to anyone tampering with things. Understandable really.

Hundreds of cars, relics from mid 20th century auto mobile construction are spread out in the area, which is stituated in the Värmland of Sweden.

Many are in a complete state of ruin with trees growing through them and moss covering their shells. A lot are said to have belonged to the US military who left the autos after World War II.

The Bastnas Car Cemetery 2

The Bastnas Car Cemetery 1

Signs displaying the rules can be seen about the place:

“This car cemetery is private property. You may still look, take pictures but DO NOT take away parts. Do not destroy or in any other way disrupt this place. If you open a car door, please shut it again so the next visitor get the same experience as you did!! For info: after about 30 burglaries this year I’m fed up with it! I’ve made traps in the buildings so if you get hurt or die, I DON’T CARE! Remember in this place no one can hear you scream…”

With a nod to the famous line used as part of the Alien movie marketing, the owners successfully make their point. Remove items at your peril.

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(Image Credits: Jalopnik, Ghananation, Daily Mail, Urban Ghosts Media)

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