The Tree Goats Of Morroco

The Tree Goats Of Morroco

Grown almost exclusively in Morocco, the Argania is a rare and protected species of tree. Years of over-farming and clear-cutting have seen it decline in numbers, with the fruit that it bares being threatened as well.

However, it isn’t the fact the species is in danger that garners attention. The Argania attract admirers mainly due to the hordes of goats that can usually be found perching within its branches.

The Tree Goats Of Morroco

The legions of local goats that much on the trees, stand on the impossibly precarious branches to enjoy their seasonal treat.

What makes the sight such a spectacle is the amount of goats you can actually have climbing just one tree. Look at the images we have here. Ten or more goats feasting at anyone time.

The Tree Goats Of Morroco 2

Local farmers try to control the bizarre feeding practice by keeping the goats away from the trees while the fruit matures.

However, another benefit to the goats’ presence comes in the poop that they leave behind. They pass valuable clumps of half digested seeds onto the ground, which are then pressed to create the sought after and very fertile, Argan oil.

The Tree Goats Of Morroco 3

(Image Credits: Boredducks, Slate, Whenonearth)

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