Pensioner Has Been Using The Same Plastic Bag For 34 Years

Pensioner Has Been Using The Same Plastic Bag For 34 Years

Now this is taking environmentalism to an extreme – Grandfather-of-three Martin McCaskie has used the same Tesco plastic bag for groceries over 2,000 times. Not only that, he obtained the bag back in 1981. He has been using the bag for 34 years.

Martin has never made a big deal of being thrifty, in fact his family only realised that he had the bag when he used it last month to go shopping.

Martin-McCaskie bag

His daughter Helen noticed that the bag was manufactured over three decades ago to commemorate Tesco’s golden jubilee. In steps the power of social media. After Helen posted a picture of the bag on Facebook, it went viral, and well we are now writing about it here.

“I can’t even remember which store it came from but it has served me well,” Martin later told the media. “My motto is ‘waste not, want not’. I always keep it folded in the pocket of my coat in case we ever need one.”

As pointed out by the Express, “there have been five British Prime Ministers, six US Presidents, three Popes, and 836 UK Number Ones” since the bag in question was made!

(Image Credits: The Mirror)

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