Man Isolates Himself In The Desert For Over 25 Years

Man Isolates Himself In The Desert For Over 25 Years

If you were to wander through the high desert of Northern New Mexico, you might stumble across a unique sound and sight. The tip, tip, tapping noise coming from underground, is the sound of eccentric artist and sculpter, Ra Paulette.

The man has spent the last 25 years carving New Mexico’s sandstone into magnificent art. He has worked alone, the only company being his dog

To find Ra, you would have to follow that sound through a small entrance that opens into a cavern, where his work takes place.

Those that have been fortunate to see what Ra has achieved over the last quarter century have described his creations as magic, and overwhelmingly beautiful.

When asked if he is a man obsessed with cave digging, he said: “Is a child obsessed with play?”

In the video you below you will be taken on a tour of his magnificent caves.

His work has recently achieved notoriety after a documentary called “Cave Digger”, following his exploits, ended up winning an academy award.

Ra states that his goal is to inspire people, to trigger a response from the enormity and power of the carvings he has created.

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