ChefCuisine – Restaurant Food at the Touch of a Button

ChefCuisine – Restaurant Food at the Touch of a Button

ChefCuisine is a new kitchen gadget that the designer’s hope will revolutionise home cooking. Swiss startup Nutresia claim that anyone can now produce restaurant quality food at the touch of a button.

Inspired by Nestle’s coffee capsule Nespresso machines, the gadget is able to prepare fancy dishes from vacuum packed capsules or sachets. The clever part stems from the fact that each sachet contains a small microchip that informs the ChefCusine the exact cooking time and temperature.


Three Michelin-star French chef Anne-Sophie Pic is involved in the development of the recipes, with 30 ready-meals consisting of appetizers (5 to 6 euros) and mains (8 to 16 euros) already available.

The following is a selection of the mouth-watering offerings:

  • foie gras with lemon confit (12 euros)
  • pigeon seared with voatsiperifery pepper and root vegetable dices with well-seasoned cinnamon sauce (16 euros),
  • beef fillet with soya honey, mungo beans, and ginger and crunchy vegetables (16 euros).

ChefCusine 2

The food capsules are available online and are delivered within 24 hours. The ChefCuisine currently retails at 199 euro ($215). More information can be found on the website here.

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