A Romanian Village Drowned In Toxic Waste

A Romanian Village Drowned In Toxic Waste

The village of Geamana was once a bustling community nestled in a picturesque Romanian valley. Then, in the late 70s the village was wiped from the map to make room for a toxic dumping lake.

The economic policies of the then communist Romania put manufacturing targets way before environmental concerns.

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In 1978, rich reserves of copper were found in the nearby area, the mining of which created huge amounts of toxic waste that had to be disposed of.

The lush Geamana valley was seen as the perfect bowl in which to pour this newly cooked toxic soup. Without hesitation communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ordered the village to be abandoned and flooded the entire valley.

Geamana toxic waste

Once the site was flooded with water, the regime began dumping insane amounts of sterile toxic elements into the new lake turning the waters into a multi-colored no mans land.

However, the political ideology may be long gone, however remnants of this stubborn little village remain. A few rooftops and a lonely steeple breaching the morass that exists to this day.

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At the time of the flooding, the majority of the villages inhabitants migrated to other villages nearby. There they continued with their lives.

However, a few locals could not bare to move too far from where they felt they belonged. These families took up residence at the edges of the flood area.

In this eerie, post apocalyptic landscape they continue to live, with no public infrastructure such as schools or doctors, and the threat of contamination never to far from their doors.

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